June 3, 2017 KyannaJames 0Comment

The Look:

As I’m casually scrolling through my social media feed I start to see a recurring outfit. Power blazer paired with a relaxed light wash denim. I enjoyed seeing these two elements together. If you know me irl you know I’m obsessed with blazers from styling them as dresses to pairing them with denim. But I wanted more. Until I thought about a power suit.

It always baffles me how fashion goes around in a circle. It currently seems like the 80’s and 90’s are back in a fresh way. For this look I’m definitely channeling some 80’s vibes with my shoulder pad blazer and matching trousers. I pair it with a white tee and some sneakers to give this iconic look a modern element. From the office to the networking mixer it’s the perfect outfit for any business casual outing.

Life Update: 

I’ve always been ambitious but didn’t know the direction I wanted to go towards. However it seems like I’ve finally found that path. When you stop feeling sorry for yourself and start really putting all of your positive energy into the universe it gives it back to you. I’m constantly keeping myself busy with different projects as being occupied is always the best feeling. I’m currently working on something I can’t wait to share. The best part about these projects is the things I learn about myself. Be it a skill I didn’t really think I was good at to a personality trait. I’m so excited for this next chapter in my life it’s a bit scary. But that makes it better as I’m growing as a person. When I take a moment to look back at where I use to be I have to stop and think shit I did that.

Blazer: Value Village 

Pants: @Courtyard_la

Shoes: Nike 

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