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The Mood

Speak Things Into Existence

One day you’re happy and everything is going well the next everything is to shit. Life! I remember just a couple months ago in the middle of winter everyday was going to shit. Nothing super bad happened but that was my daily feeling. I’m not a winter creature. Never have and never will. I can’t stand being cold, or the gloomy days that seem to go on forever. I can’t.

Now, It is finally spring time in Toronto. I feel a little better. I wake up everyday thinking well at least isn’t cold or gloomy. Something I look forward to. I want to talk about speaking things into existence. It is very important. End of story. Sometimes my mind tricks me into thinking nothing good will every happen. But It will. I try to tell myself. Heck I say to myself “I open myself to greatness.”

I’m currently working on a few projects that I’ve only dreamt to myself now I’m pounding the pavement and making it a reality. I’m not a professional in this field and please don’t take my advice but sometimes you have to say “Fuck you depression” and start working on speaking things into existence.

The Look

Now onto this look! I already told you guys that I’m going to be all over plaid this season. For this outfit I paired light wash denim and plaid for a laid back but edgy vibe. Even though I love me an all black look I’m actually excited to see lighter colours and tones. If you don’t have a man blazer get one and I mean now! I honestly can’t stop wearing the one I have. I’m on a hunt to grab a black or even better a grey one. I’m excited that the 80’s are back and all updated. Can anyone say power pantsuit? I can!

Keep Styling,


Pants: Gap 

Shoes: Nike

Jacket and Top: Value Village

Chain: @TheGlossFile

Sunglasses: Acne Studios

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  1. Love your style and your message! I too have suffered from depression and still am but I pull myself out the bed and just be even if I’m not busy for the day. I will definitely be keeping out with you.

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