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Rain drop … and I’m not having it! Yup, its spring time in Toronto. Which means cool temperatures, rain and an overall gloomy energy sucking day! I’m complaining but really I’m not. Yesterday was my last day in school. Until the next semester but It’s all about taking it step by step. So tbh I’m happy that its spring or more so excited for whats to come. I have the perfect internship, and exciting personal projects that I’m ready tot see come to life. Another life update I finally moved into a nice condo! No more hot sweaty summers with no AC.

Now onto this look. I’ve alway been in love with Patent. You can see pervious post where I share my obsession. So of course when I saw this patent raincoat on Zara I had to have. Thankfully Black Friday was just around the corner. A few weeks later I had this master piece in my hands. Unfortunately I didn’t really like the fit. It was on the tapered side plus I got a small instead of a medium. So I cast it aside. Until it started raining in the middle of winter. But If you’ve been to Toronto you know it isn’t a one jacket place you need two. So I made this combination and love it.

I always think of Blade Runner whenever I pull out this look. Check back every Wednesday for a new blogpost.


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Patent Coat: Zara

Beige Coat: Value Village

Pants: Alexander Wang

Shoes: Acne Studios

Top: American Apareal….rip



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