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Don’t we all have a love hate relationship with the in-between season! It might be winter one day or spring. Mother nature isn’t having it with us this year. Even though I am complaining about those “winter days” we’ve had it pretty easy in Toronto. We just had our yearly you got use to the spring weather here is  -11 feels like -20 snow storm that Global Warming has made very familiar to us. Knocks On Wood Hopefully it’s finally behind us and we can enjoy those cool sunny days.

I pulled this look for the perfect outfit for the in-between season. My newest interest is mixing textures together. I’ve come to the realization that I might official be a maxist. I yearn to see people playing with textures, colours, lengths, shapes and finishes when it comes to their uniform. I’ve already have few looks I’m dying to serve in the summer.

Back to this look I mix together Mesh and patent with a hint of vintage fur for a relaxed yet elevated look. How can anyone look basic in some fur? For the shoes I opted for my new fav all white Nike Air Max 95. I might do a full review on these sneakers and a couple other “favs” for S/S ’17. I tie this look together with The GlossFile chain for an extra punk vibe.

StyleTip: If it’s feeling extra chilly outside layer by putting a leather jacket underneath. In Canada wearing two outerwear is just the normal sighs


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Top: @OctoberTwelve 

Pants: Zara 

Jacket: Vintage 

Shoes: Nike 

Chain: @TheGlossFile

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