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When I saw this plaid blazer/coat at value village near the end of 2016 I didn’t realize how big of a trend it will become. Since NYFW ( New York Fashion Week ) specifically @Tibi Fall/Winter ’17 show plaid is back with a vengeance. I’m totally here for it this time around. I remember not being that interested in plaid going up. I either associated with preppy school girls or the counter reaction the punk/tank girl. That aesthetics was far too edgy for my 12 year old tomboy self. Imagine me wearing a public school uniform but instead of a skirt, I would wear big dickies pants. To draw a picture they look very similar to the pants construction workers wear. I did this for three years until I went to my art high school.

When I saw this plaid blazer I couldn’t let it go. In this look I styled it more as a dressed due to how oversize it is. However it can also be used as an actual blazer. Add some fishnets and a pair of black booties and you have a look. Going forward I’m excited to see how far this plaid fever will go. I’ve been seeing a resurgence of the above mention punk girl aesthetics. Think 2004 Avril Lavigne with the chain/checkered belts and dark make-up. You can see hints of this in the Alexander Wang F/W ’17 show. I’m slowly starting to get excited to see this style rise again. I’m a bit bored of the minimalist approach to fashion and here for anything different. Think Gucci meets Alexander Wang with a hint of punk. Sounds Like the average city girl. The one who doesn’t take pictures of her chai tea latte with insert designer bag. Maybe because she’s chugging the contents before her job.

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Sunglasses: Celinè

Top & Blazer: Value Village

Shoes: Vagabond

Fishnets: Risqué_clothing


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