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I’m 21! This is a weird realization and I can’t fully wrap my mind around. When I originally started writing this blogpost I was going to write 5 things I don’t care about as I turn 21. Basically all the things that society tells a women to care for because she’s a women. But Instead I’m going to talk about three things I love about being a BLACK woman.

  1. My weave/extensions! I can’t express  how grateful I am to be BLACK! I love being able to change my entire look with just putting in different weaves. Short, black, tall, curly straight… the list goes on.
  2. #BlackGirlMagic (Resilience) I’ve always had to werk and I mean work twice as hard as most. I’ve always had a strong sense of ambition. This has been a great trait of mine that I love. But most women are use to this. Working harder just to finish the same race. But due to the longer path I’ve become a stronger women! #GirlPower
  3. I love Myself! It’s hard for me to say this without highlighting the struggle that I went through to love my dark skin, wide nose and very skinny body.

Now, lets get to this look. If you’ve been a reader for a while you know I was obsessed with the H&M Balmain collaboration last year. I thought I was going strut NYC in that collection. Life has a funny way of saying “lol, nah.” No, I’m not in NYC but Toronto but I am strutting a Balmain blazer. I pull this look out when I need to show people how much of a boss I am.

Even though I’m only 21 I’ve accomplished so much and I don’t plan on slowly down anytime soon. Don’t be afraid to be the boss because of your age, race or gender.

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Blazer: Balmain

Top: H&M

Pants: American Apparel

Shoes: Acne Studios

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