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When I saw these patent pants on Zara I knew where this was heading. Patent is finally back on trend and I can’t seem to get enough of this finish. Currently in my collection I have a patent pants, shoes and raincoat. So, yeah I’m definitely here for this look. Also during Paris Fashion Week Mens, patent along with lamé dominated the runway.

Some might be hesitant with how to style this look but I find It acts like leather in my day to day life. Instead of putting on my leather leggings I opt for my patent pants. It adds an elevated finish for any look. Be it going to school/work or going out for gallons of red wine. But if you’re looking for a subtle take on this current mass obsession I would say go for small details. Instead of plain leather/faux leather shoes switch it up with patent. Dior already dominated the runway a couple of seasons ago when it came to patent shoes. However not everyone is going to be able to pull off thigh high boots for everyday. I personally love black patent chelsea boots be it pointed toe or round. Also when the obsession dies down you won’t be left with a super trendy piece that you can’t ever wear again until the trend makes another round. Or you can just not care and wear it regardless. That’s my plan!

In this look I style my patent pants with a classic white turtleneck and black vintage London Fog jacket. Value Village is your ultimate friend. I add the “Arvil” chain belt from @TheGlossFile for a bit of a punk look. I’m excited to pair this chain with vintage band tee and black distress jeans. I finish this look with a pair of black booties. I’m in love with these shoes even though they kill my feet. I’m still in the breaking in process and I want to throw away my legs after only 3 hours on them. So I’m going to have them stretch in hopes it can speed up the process.

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Pants: Zara

Jacket: Value Village

Chain: IG @TheGlossFile  

Instagram: @KyannaCo

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  1. Ah you stunning gal! I am in love with your top, way too cute.. it’s completely my style! You have a wonderful blog here anyway, you should be proud of all your hard work! x


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