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As a person of colour I’ve always struggled with the concept of “Nude” but with the rising awareness of different shades this has become a less prominent “Life Crisis.” I was very excited to see earth hues/tones making its way back to the runways and the streets.

When I stumbled by this amazing chocolate brown trench In Value Village or VV to make it sound fancy. Yup, I actually heard someone say this. I was however a bit stuck when it came to styling this amazing piece. I got this item in the summer so right away I thought white. But then came the problem facing which shoe would I wear.

Anecdote time: While taking a road trip to Hamilton to visit the waterfalls I had to see the vintage shops in ‘Downtown Hamilton’ I put quotations around that because it was literally a street. Very sad to see especially because I heard a lot about the vintage shops in that town. Very disappointing! But the good thing that actually came from it was finding these vintage Gucci Loafers. Upon leaving the vintage store which I can’t remember I saw a familiar detail Gucci. As soon as I saw it I thought maybe it was too small, maybe it was too big, or maybe it was expensive. But no, no, and no! I had no choose but to purchase this on trend item. So I did, end of story.

Going forward I’m excited to style this trench with some oversize wide leg trousers and maybe even an all brown look.

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Trench and Shoes: Vintage 

Top: House Of Sunny 

Pants: Misguided



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  1. Omg you look so stunningly chic, I am in love with this outfit! I love the coat and I’m so loving earthy tones at the moment! 🙂

    Heather Xx

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