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One thing I’m going to say about 2016 is that it sucked. For example H&M designer collab was with Kenzo. The fun Prints with Kenzo and the cheaper quality of H&M didn’t make for a great combination. It was a failed collab especially compared to the pervious year. cough cough  Balmain

On a political note it seems the whole world was in turmoil. From the Middle East to the many ‘recent’ shootings of the young black male in America. Oh, let’s not forget how Donald Trump won the election and will be the President. Sickening!

So, to say the least I’m somewhat excited to see what 2017 has in stored. Be that for fashion to politics. But mostly for myself! I wanted to expand my blog but instead did the opposite. I didn’t really take anytime off to just enjoy myself. Here are 5 things I’ve learned from 2106

  1. Take Sick days. The last week of 2016 I had the worst cold ever. I forced myself to work and felt  awful. I hate to disappoint my co-workers but taking time off is the best solution. By pushing myself to work it made my condition longer. Which made me take sick days!
  2. Go to the gym. Every-time I go to the gym I feel amazing and love every moment. But It’s such a struggle to actually get there.
  3. Surround yourself around positive people. I’ve never realized how much peoples energy can really affect you. I’m slowly building a friend group full of ambitious young adults and Its pretty exciting.
  4. Commit to your goals. My only New Years resolution is to post weekly.
  5. Have Fun! This could be just going to dinner or go out dancing. Being holed up writing essays can be very stressful. So downtime is very important.

I’m going to take what 2016 has taught me and really start a journey for self growth. So 2017, What’s Good?

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Top: Risquè

Choker: Ferox

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Acne Studios

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