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Toronto what am I going to do with you! I love my city, don’t get me wrong. But this up and down weather is giving me a headache. If you live in Toronto or NYC you can relate to the crazy warmish weather I’ve been experiencing. I can’t complain as this warm weather allows me to extended my fall looks. Nothing beats a somewhat chilly day wearing my favourite leather jacket and sipping on some chai tea latte. A leather jacket is the perfect outerwear piece. Everyone should have a leather jacket! I call this look my fall uniform. If you know me personally you know I’m always on the go! Between two jobs and attending University looking stylish can get hard.

So I create “uniforms” for my daily life. This uniform is called the casual leather look. I’m usually in a pair of trousers for work but whenever I can slip into jeans I jump at the chance. For jeans I either go for the “$300”  jeans like Acne studios, Rag&Bone and etc. Or I go for $10-$40 vintage jeans. When I do invest in $300 jeans I try to get them on sale. It’s a hard price to swallow for jeans but once you put it on its magical. However the same thing goes for the one of a kind vintage jeans.

But I never thought to look for mid level priced jeans. Until I got a 50% off promo at Gap. I always passed by the shop and looked at their window display and admire those boyfriend/mom jeans. However it wasn’t until I got the promo that I made the decision to buy them. I’m so glad I did! It was the perfect wash, size and fit. I was in love! Plus it was a great price. If you haven’t tried Gap jeans before defiantly look into it.  I finish the look with a basic white tee and black booties and I’m off to work an 8 hour shift.


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Jacket: Closed

T-shirt: Unknown 

Jeans: Gap 

Shoes: Acne Studios 

Instagram: @KyannaCo 

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