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Toronto is having a very weird fall season this year. One day it’s the perfect weather cool but sunny, than it can get super cold and rainy. But I guess that’s Toronto for you! But due to this weather I was able to wear one of my sale pieces I purchased during the winter of last season. In the winter I would pair it with leather leggings. But for the fall I can bear my legs and it feels so good!

For people who don’t really like a full turtleneck try a mock neck. My Oak&Fort olive dress is the perfect example of a mock neck. It gives that add accentuation as a turtleneck without the slightly suffocating feeling of a real one.

For this look I kept it very simple. I paired it with my favourite jacket of the moment. This like most things in my wardrobe is vintage. If you live in Toronto you know or should know about Kensington Market. It’s the perfect place to vintage shop and get tacos among many other delicious foods. Chicken and waffles anyone? I say yes! Anyway’s I got this jacket in one of the many vintage spots in Kensington. Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly where I purchased it. Sorry! Of course to finish this look I added my all time favourite second skin black booties. I’m definitely in need of a new pair. I think I have the perfect one in mind.

I usually wear this look to work when I can’t  bothered to wear pants but you can wear this outfit almost anywhere. The bar getting a cheese platter and half price martins or going to a three hour lecture after working 6 hours. Like Me! I will try to stay as consistent as possible on my blog. Sorry guys I’ve been super busy with working two jobs and going to school. Designer things don’t pay for themselves. But this also means I have a ton of new things to shoot. I’m excited.

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Dress: Oak&Fort 

Jacket: Vintage 

Shoes: Vagabond 

Sunglasses: Celine 

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