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My Social Media/Blogging hiatus is over. The reason for my mini break was due to simply being uninspired. Also I was a little heartbroken over all the violence that was happening around the world. I couldn’t continue to make R.I.P tweets, sending my sadness into the void that is the internet. So I stopped. During my absence I was focusing on enjoying my down time before school started. But I will say my summer has been a bit uneventful. So no trips to Paris for me. But I still want to make it a memorable one. I’m making a list of 10 places I want to visit/Do in Toronto.

  1. Visit Toronto Island
  2. Go to Sugar Beach ( Which I’ve already done but I want to go once more)
  3. Hike in High Park
  4. Go to Canada’s Wonderland
  5. Take a day trip to Hamilton
  6. Go to The Royal Ontario Museum
  7. Visit The Aquarium
  8. Have a shoot in Allen Gardens
  9. CNE
  10. Take part of Summerlilcious

It’s sad to say that I live in Toronto and haven’t been to a couple or done a few things on this list. But I’m going to change that with the month left of Summer.

Now onto my look! I shot this outfit in the beginning of the summer. I finally realize I hate summer fashion. I enjoy the refreshing colours and lighter material of summer clothing. But I can’t get fully behind it. Anyway’s I was shopping at Zara when I found this cute set. I thought this is an interesting twist on a tracksuit. I was actually on the lookout for a hoodie without the hood part. So I was super glad to found this look. I paired this tracksuit with my go-to sock bootie.

I’ve decided that I will be making a style post bi-weekly. I want to start focusing more on styling   editorials. This means finding a photographer, a model and a great stylist aka me. Also stay tuned for photo diaries of me doing those things on my list!

Here is A little quote I always live by

” Don’t broadcast every high and low of your life. Just Live! Don’t try to convince the world you have a life.”

Keep Styling







Top & Pants: Zara

Shoes: Vagabond 

Sunglasses: Cèline 



33 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Welcome back! Glad everything’s okay for you now. You look awesome! I love this outfit on you. I haven’t been to a lot of the touristy places where I live either. When my friends or family come to visit, I am just as much of a tourist as they are hahaha
    Looking forward to the style posts you’ve got in store for us!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. Welcome back hunn, I know exactly what you were going through. I found myself not being that active due to not being inspired and with everything going on around the world. Now I am back at it again. I have not done anything either this summer, been so busy. 1,2,9,10 are on my list as well. Just curious about visiting Hamilton, is there something particular you want to see?

    1. Thank you! Congrats on your return as well! The reason I want to got to Hamilton is because it has lots of waterfalls and great vintage shopping. You should check it out if you have a chance.

  3. You look so chic, girl! I love and completely agree with your quote. Social media can be so demanding and when you sit back and think about the fact that we share or feel the need to share every single aspect of outlives, leaving nothing intimate or sacred, can be a bit disturbing, but it’s become our reality and societal norm, unfortunately. I think it’s great that you took the time to truly live and enjoy life, sometimes those breaks are what’s truly needed to regroup and set our priorities straight, our life and happiness always comes first! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



    1. I agree with you completely! It is sad. But it’s also the life I chose at least for now. Thank you! It feels great to be back.

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