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As I’ve stated in my pervious posts I finally joined a gym! Fitness is so important. Especially during the stressful time of being a university student.

But I do have a problem with being fit. The crazy expensive prices of certain fitness clothing. Going to a gym is a luxury with itself that most simply can’t afford. Also the generally aesthetics of fit gear doesn’t appeal to me. But I do appreciate the whole sporty fashion trend.

Anyway’s I found this co-ord set on Zara. I hadn’t joined my gym yet but thought this set would be great for long study sessions and or a casual errands look. I’m a sucker for anything matching and grey. But as I started adding going to the gym into my busy life I found another purpose for this co-ord set. I also use this for Yoga! Now, I know real fitness bloggers will completely disagree on my statement. I do have fitness gear that I do wear for cardio and conditioning classes. But when it comes to my Beginners Yoga class I love wearing this set. Also when I do have Yoga I usually have work or School right after. By using this set I’m able to pick light and change quickly.

Let us go back to the pricey fitness gear. I was walking around the mall the other day which I never do. But I saw more stores popping that had fit gear for active individuals. Now that being active and truly taking care of your health is back in trend I’m sure more companies will want to cater to this market. So hopefully overpriced fit gear will be something of the past.

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Co-Ord Set: Zara

Shoes: Opening Ceremony 




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  1. Between the shoe game and the cute set, I don’t even know where to start. Slaying as per uj, girl. Also yes and yes to the gym motivation, god knows it’s not the easiest to maintain!
    Much love xx

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