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Currently I’ve been obsessed with wide leg trousers. I was doing my daily scroll on Zara when I found these “ribbed” wide Leg pants. I immediately grab these up. When I finally got them I was slightly disappointed due to them not actually being ribbed. So I toss them aside for my “House clothes.” It wasn’t until Spring/Summer that I actually started to wear them. I thought that wearing wide leg trousers in the summer would make me overheated but they don’t! They keep me cool during those hot days and are appropriate enough for my job. One thing I’ve learned about myself is that In order for me to be truly happy I need to be able to wear whatever I want at work! My clothes tell me how I’m feeling. If I’m wearing a hat just don’t test me. If I’m wearing make-up you know I’m really feeling myself. My clothing has always been a way to express myself and I don’t want anyone to stifle that.

In this look I paired them with an open back top and oversize jacket. One thing I really hate is bras. So wearing open back tops helps me to justify my lack of wearing one. But I think I’ve gotten open back tops out of my system. I’m excited to shoot some new content for you guys. My taste in fashion has shifted to a more sporty and vintage look! Also I will be back to posting one a week on Fridays so stay connected! Don’t forget to add me on #Snapchat to watch my little blogpost promo videos!

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Photographs by Grace (52 of 81)

Photographs by Grace (71 of 81)

Photographs by Grace (81 of 81)

Photographs by Grace (66 of 81)

Photographs by Grace (74 of 81)

Photographs by Grace (58 of 81)

Top & Coat: House Of Sunny 

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Adidas 



16 thoughts on “Wide Legs For Summer

  1. I completely feel you. Even when looking for jobs, my ability to pop in with my sneaker once in a while (or errday) is a factor. I need to be able to wear what I feel like. Also, that hat line just cracked me up haha.
    Much love xx

    Iman @ Manigazer

  2. OMG girl! That outfit is amazing! I probably would not be able to pull it off anyways but it is so stunning on you! It makes me want to wear more sporty chic looks all the time! I’m also obsessed with the Adidas, also I’m super into the “no bra” thing, I will always find an excuse to not wear one, they’re just so uncomfortable. Loved your blog! It’s the first time I’ve stopped by and it’s lovely! You will definitely see my face here often. Btw, are you on bloglovin’?

    Indie Suns | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

    1. Thank you!The sporty look has definitely become a lifestyle for me. Yeah, you should definitely try it out! Unfortunately no I’m not.

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