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Hey! So I’m Kyanna James and I will be your blog content creator. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but excuse after excuse and now we are live.

Some of the things you can look for are retail reviews especially online. I’m always on a quest to find cool and interesting pieces for my wardrobe. Plus as a person who has worked in retail I’m very specific on customer service. So look out for that!

Also #ootd. I’m always fascinated seeing people on Instagram and their style progress. This will be my journal to document my own progression. Which I’m really excited for! I always find that my style varies on my mood or maybe it’s the either way around. Mmm these are the question I’m excited to find out.

I will be also showcasing anything I have a passion in, this could be the fall/winter collection of Alexander Wang or the newest iPhone.

and much much more !

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13 thoughts on “We are Live!

    1. Hey,
      thank you so much. You’ve accomplished so much in such a little time. It’s a very exciting time right now and I’m just enjoying it. But I also look forward to seeing more from you.

      – Kyanna

  1. You look so sophisticated and elegant I love it, and I love what you have done, I hope this blog will help open great opportunities for you and tons of windows. 🙂

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